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I am already employed by the federal government. My department has just announced an SES opening (for which I am qualified) which I am interested in applying for. In this regard, I was curious as to the estimated cost and types of services that your firm can offer.

The service you need is our Federal Job Targeting Rewrite Service. Essentially, with this service, your assigned SES federal writer will review your current resume, ECQs and/or PTQs and compare the content to the new job posting requirements. The documents will be rewritten to ensure influential and direct relevance between your career documents and the job posting. Format, grammar and spelling is also checked by our editing staff. The direct link to this service is:

Do I Need A PayPal Account?

No, although PayPal is the credit card processor for all of our transactions you do not need an account. When you go to complete your order a PayPal screen will appear. You can then choose to pay by credit card or by PayPal account. If you are a frequent PayPal user, you may not see this screen. This is caused by the PayPal cookie on your computer. The cookie assumes that since you are a PayPal account holder that you would be using your PayPal account to pay for the order. Simply login to your account and choose pay using another source.

Im going to order your KSA service, how do I get the KSA information to you?

Because Federal Resumes and KSAs are complex to write, we will contact after the order is placed by email with an order check list and a specialized KSA questionnaire.

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