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Federal Resume with KSA Statement

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Obtaining a federal position demands a resume that showcases your key selling points using the keywords federal recruiters want to see. Our Professional Resume Writers know the right keywords to use to make your qualifications and skills readily apparent to the federal government. Our years of experience in helping applicants get hired for federal positions puts us at the head of the pack-and a professionally written, keyword-and-KSA correct federal resume will put you one up on the competition.

Why Hire Us

  • Years of experience preparing Federal Resumes at the highest level
  • Skilled in all the Federal Resume formats – OPM, USAJobs, Resumix, Resume Builder, Quick Hire
  • Experts in crafting resumes that contain all the right keywords
  • James Small says “The ideas you suggested for fine tuning my SES resume & application materials were outstanding! Formatting, style, content, the suggestions were significant improvements over where I started.”

Don’t risk the job by preparing the resume yourself! Put us to work for you.

This package includes the KSA Statement Set - 5 KSA Points

Candidates applying for positions often must include written responses to Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) along with their resume.

KSA’s are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in the merit promotion evaluation process. Poor responses may prevent you, as an applicant, from being considered among the best qualified group. Remember, your score for experience is based solely on your responses to the KSAs, not the information included in your resume

Your KSA document - the knowledge, skills and abilities you possess that you believe will qualify you for the federal post for which you are applying-will do so only if they are correctly presented. This is why you need a professional KSA writer to prepare your documents.

Each KSA point we write for you is written to specifically address the requirements in the job announcement.

Not sure if this is the right package for you? Email us or call1-800-631-3823 and provide us with the posting number. We’ll review the announcement and recommend the resume package that best fits your needs.

Every single day… thousands of people apply for federal jobs—and every day federal HR personnel face a new stack of applications, resumes and KSA’s to review. They do not have time to distill the salient points from your resume, and even if they did, they are not allowed to do so.

This is why you need to ensure that your resume and KSA’s are so well and clearly written that your job qualifications leap off the page. Otherwise, you probably won’t even make the short list, let alone the final cut.

Our Federal Resume Package is extremely comprehensive:
.You will not find another professional service that offers such a comprehensive package for one all-inclusive rate for so little money! Your package includes:

  • Professional Federal Resume
  • 5-point KSA
  • Web & Text Formatting
  • CUSTOMIZED Cover Letter
  • CUSTOMIZED Follow-Up Letter

Guaranteed Delivery in 5 business days or less!

Trust your future to our experts…


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